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Nancy Dolan

Memorial created 06-21-2008 by
Nancy (Brad's Mom) Kadel Dolan
Bradley Louis Cordial
June 29 1985 - November 23 2002

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05-19-2010 11:06 PM -- By: Larry smith,  From: Las Vegas, nv  

04-22-2010 9:48 AM -- By: Mom,  From: Wauseon, Ohio  

 Hey Brad...feeling down in the dumps today.  Tiffany says it's because Mother's Day and your birthday are coming up.  I know she's right.  Wow, 7.5 years since I last touched you, hugged you, kissed you, etc...doesn't seem possible.  How have I lived this long without you?  I miss you so much Brad and I love you with all of my heart.  Keep watching over Tiffany, Cody and Bralynn.  Always your mom/Always my son.

04-08-2010 2:32 PM -- By: Sandy,  From: Augusta, ga  

A beautiful tribute.......you give me courage that someday I might make it down that road, 8 months ago I lost my only son and my baby.  He 3 older sisters and I struggle daily wiht the gaping hole that is a part of our daily lifes.  May peace be with us all.

04-01-2010 11:47 AM -- By: Christina,  From: Illinois  


I just read your story about Brad with tears streaming down my face.  I know all about a mother's love for her sons..I have 4 (3 living, 1 angel).  I am sure Brad is up there in heaven smiling down on his mom, just like he did here on Earth.   

Beautiful tribute to your son.


03-19-2010 2:18 PM -- By: arlene robbins,  From:  

 awesome site.......I am praying for you and you are in my heart always.......

03-09-2010 2:37 PM -- By: Cindy~Lou,  From: Baytown,Tx  

Hello Nancy and Angel Brad,

I wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know I am always thinking of you and also...

I  wanted to send this out for Angel Hunter Wallace's little brother Gabe he is fighting for his life and needs all the prayers he can get ...

Calling all Angels to watch over and protect Gabe ..give him strength to fight...prayers are going out to you Gabe and to your family

thank you so much,



02-18-2010 11:25 AM -- By: Kathy,  From: NC  

I wanted to say how sorry I am for the loss of your son.  He sounds like a wonderful young man.  I felt the same way you did when I learned that my son had been taken from me in a car accident.  I did not want to believe it and screamed at everyone in that hospital.  I couldn't believe it when I saw my blonde hair...blued eyed baby laying there.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you. 

01-31-2010 3:07 PM -- By: Mom,  From: Wauseon, Ohiio  

Hey Brad, I'm not feeling the greatest today...I've got a cold and I'm laying down in your bedroom.  It seems like I get such comfort from being in your room.  Anyway, I decided I needed to visit your website and leave you a message.  Same message I always leave you..."I love you so much and I miss you more than words can say."  Please keep watching over your sister, niece and nephew.  Aren't Cody and Bralynn funny.  They just make me laugh all the time.  The other day, Bralynn asked if you had a car in Heaven.  I told her, "No, Brad doesn't need a car, he uses his wings."  She then asked, "Does he fly through McDonalds?"  Tiffany is having a minor procedure done tomorrow and she is scared (and so am I), so please watch over your sister and make sure that she is going to be OK.  Don't forget to send me some signs...please.  I love you, Brad.

01-18-2010 4:09 PM -- By: Sabrina Mueller,  From: Pettisville  

today i finally looked at  this website for the first time  Nancy.

12-22-2009 7:48 PM -- By: glenn miller,  From: urbana, ohio  

 i bet it was a sad day. my sister died a year ago last holloween. was the hardest day of my life. we were pretty close. like brad and tiffany were. i remember your son a little. seemed like a nice kid. had a lot of good memories on grime circle. i remember when alot of the kids would come to my place. was the hang out. i have gone by my sisters crash sight a few times. is always pretty sad. there have been alot of wrecks in the same place. they have not done any thing by it. like a railing or any thing. 

12-15-2009 10:56 PM -- By: Becky Reynolds,  From: Wauseon  

This is all very precious.  Thanks, for sharing this.

11-23-2009 8:39 PM -- By: Tonyia Hackley,  From: St Paris, Oh  


What a beautiful young man God must have needed him for a very special job in heaven. I can't imagine how hard this is for you but I do know just from my own life that I have learned that God loves my children more than I could ever love them and that must be alot because I love them so much and God loves Brad so much and He is taking care of him everyday and Brad is happy in heaven try to rest in that knowledge.  I just wish I had all the words to make everything ok for you but I don't  but I do know that God's grace is sufficient and He will be what carries you thru. My heart hurts for you today and I am so sorry you lost Brad so young. I will be praying for you I hope you feel all the love and prayers being lifted today on your and your families behalf! Love to you

11-23-2009 7:36 PM -- By: denise king,  From: Cumberland RI  

so sorry to read about your son .i also lost my beautiful son william on nov 2008 .i feel the same way u feel you go on & trudge threw every day .your son was so handsom .my son went on a canoe ride and ended up gettig stuck in a tube & drowned .like you said i could never ever emagine it happening to my son but it did & now my life will never truley be whole again .i just hope that we will see our sons again my son was only 17 too. i can't emagine it being 7 years that seems like forever but i know sooner or later it will be my sons,hes been gone 1 yr well take care of your self & your family bills mom

11-23-2009 1:45 PM -- By: Tom Hagen,  From: Minnesota  

As we travel this road on earth with family and friends so will we when we join them in Heaven. Today is Brad's 7th Angel-versary in Heaven and yours on earth. Bless be their memory

11-23-2009 11:44 AM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Thinking of you today, Nancy and your handsome Angel Brad.


11-23-2009 9:45 AM -- By: Kimberley,  From: Toronto, Canada  

You and yours are in my prayers today and always.

Love and Hugs, Kimberley

11-23-2009 6:23 AM -- By: vonnie,  From:  

What a wonderful young man and what a special relationship you shared. My heart goes out to you and all those who love Bradley. I have to tell you that your memorial had me in tears. The page 7 years later was like reading about my own life. I lost my 18 year old daughter on 2/10/2006 and I will never be the same. Heather and her boyfriend were hit headon by a drunk driver and were both killed. Now like you life goes on, I get up each day, but it seems I'm not a part of it. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing this wonderful young man with us. He was and is truly an angel..

11-23-2009 4:37 AM -- By: Mom,  From: Wauseon, Ohio  

Where has the time gone Brad?  I can't believe that it has been 7 years today since I last saw you, hugged you, talked you or touched you.  Miss you so much, Brad.  17 years just wasn't long enough...I was expecting you to out live me.  You weren't supposed to die before I did.  I wonder if Joe Bailey remembers what day this is or if he even cares.  Brad, I hate that man.  I know that I am supposed to give, but he took something very precious from me and he got to go home to his family.  He will be having Thanksgiving with his family, but you will be missing at ours.  All I can say is...this SUCKS and I just wish you could come back.  Tiffany misses you, too.  Your niece and nephew talk about you all the time.  Look for some balloons because we'll be sending some your way.  Thanks for being a wonderful son.  I love you so much.  Mom

11-23-2009 1:19 AM -- By: Judy,  From: Gillette, WY  

Dear Nancy,

I just got done reading the page 7 years later and I can relate so well to your feelings.  I know that our boys would not want us to be so sad but like you, I am not the same person that I used to be.  Thank you so much for sharing the signs that you have received from Brad.  Our family has received many signs from Brandon too.  Our boys do amazing things to let us know they are near.  Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers on this difficult day.  God Bless

 Happy angel day Brad, send your family a sign today

11-22-2009 7:39 PM -- By: Abby,  From:  

What an amazing tribute to Brad!  You are an amazing mom :)  I looked through the pictures, and i really like the one of Brad sitting down against a wall with his knees up high.  It reminds me him a lot.  Ughhhhh it stinks you can have him, I am so sorry Nancy! I love u!

11-20-2009 3:31 PM -- By: Roanne Vlahos,  From: Columbus, OH  

Even though I never met Brad personally, through this web-site, I have received the gift of learning about a fine young man, who was taken from this Earth much too early!  What he did and how he impacted others is a true testament to his loving Mother, family and friends who miss him so much!  Brad's life did make a difference and will continue to remind us how each day is a precious gift from God!

11-20-2009 10:37 AM -- By: Lynn Schlaegel,  From: Urbana, Ohio  

I think of you daily - I am so sorry for your pain.  Watch for the signs from Brad - he's telling you how much he loves you.

11-10-2009 11:31 PM -- By: Roanne,  From: Columbus  

You are greatly missed on this Earth!  We will all see you again!

10-16-2009 2:31 AM -- By: Karen Nicely,  From: Ohio  

 What a handsome young man you have.  He is in heaven now with my son Michael and all the other angels there. This is a beautiful memorial siter to honor him.


10-11-2009 10:40 PM -- By: trish Chapman,  From: Violet La.  

Your "Brad" is beautiful.  I'm so sorry for your loss.    

10-11-2009 7:03 PM -- By: Roanne,  From: Columbus  

09-29-2009 11:35 AM -- By: Kristen,  From: FL  

Such a loss.  What a precious young man he must have been.  My heart aches for all of you and for the life he didn't get to live. 

Love doesn't die.  His love is still with you and yours with him.


09-23-2009 8:21 AM -- By: diana/zachary's mom,  From: nj  

thinking of you, and knowing how you feel..i am so sorry for the immense loss of brad

09-22-2009 9:13 PM -- By: Laural/Jesse's Mom,  From:  


Your Bradley  and your relationship to him seems so famliar.  All I can say is We had BORROWED ANGELS.

Laural/Jesse's Mom



09-22-2009 8:51 PM -- By: Louise-Keren's mom,  From: Texas  

Dear Nancy,

Your son is so handsome

I am so sorry you lost your beautiful boy.

May you feel the love and light of your son aways



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