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Memorial created 01-13-2016 by
Sonia Ogren
Aldo E DiBacco
January 13 1929 - August 4 2015

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Aldo DiBacco, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Aldo's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Aldo forever.

Remembering you always, my sweet, loving papa.  I could not have had a better father, so devoted, loving, nurturing, caring, protective.  A wise, intelligent man that you were in every way.  You worked so hard all your life and took care of everyone in your family from the time you were a young boy caring for your parents, siblings and then your own family.  Your struggles from early times into coming to America never ended.  You fought for everything you believed in and made sure you had the best in mind for us.  The language barrier prevented you from being appreciated and advanced in the workforce in America but you still managed to provide all you could.  You saved every penny you worked hard for to ensure security and protect your future and ours.  You always looked ahead and made certain everything was cared for and protected.  

Mom suffered as she watched you go to work being sickly most times and did her best to take good care of you as you did her.  She always worried about you and prayed you would overcome your ailments one day.  

I have seen all the good you have done for others as well.  Always the doting, caring person toward anyone who needed help or was not feeling well.  Your heart was always in right place.  


Always in your yard meticulously caring for your tomato plants, bushes and trees.  Your lawn was always spectacular and your home had the appearance of a park, so neatly groomed and full of beautiful flowering bushes and trees.  The perfection you exhibited in all you did showed in everything you cared for.  

Because you came from hard times and had so little, you bought your first car and only home later in life compared to all the luxuries people have today.  You never squandered nor had many luxuries but chose to live simply and concentrated on the more important things in life. Your family, securing the future and our well being was far more important to you.  You were so organized and accurate and never depended on anyone for help nor direction.  You exuded much pride and independence in all you accomplished.  You never felt the need to compete nor be showy in any way but only do what you felt was necessary and be satisfied with what you had.


The love you had for us all and all the worries you carried when we were troubled in any way burdened you but you never gave up on us.  You always helped out financially or with your vast knowledge and guidance.  You were our advisor, guide, direction, teacher and so much more.  Having your approval or compliments meant a lot to us.  We are now lost without you, papa.

It broke our hearts into a million pieces when you became suddenly ill and quickly deteriorated.  The shock of hearing you had a tumor on your heart when you never showed any cardiac problems and then watching you fade away as the pain riddled your frail body more and more and rendering you helpless is an agony we will never overcome.

You knew your time was near and made appropriate plans and made us aware of all your business and finances.  Your mind stayed sharp to the end and your worries and trust in delegating responsibility of your affairs consumed you tremendously.  You were an amazing man intellectually and covered everything in the event we lost you.  Always making sure we were well taken care of, you denied yourself so many extras in life.  


You were a very conscientious, honest person with everyone.  You could never lie nor hide anything.  You wore your heart on your sleeve all the time.  Anyone who felt differently about you never knew you well.  Although you were "hard" on the outside and difficult to reason with at times, we knew you had good intentions.  You were a stern, stoic, prideful man and just wanted us to be and do our best.  You hated debt and always lectured about not buying if we could not afford to.  Because you were so conservative and careful with every decision and step you made, you left behind a great legacy.  But our riches in life were having you with us and nothing can compare to that.  

Not having you with us any longer has left a huge void and our spirits and joy have been greatly diminished.  We are now incomplete and things are just not the same any more. Thoughts and reminders of you are all around us in our everyday lives.  Your favourite songs, foods, tobacco, flowers you planted, trees you nurtured, poems and critiques, your silly sayings, your love for Italy and its heritage, the stories you told us, the things you taught us, and how you teased mom.  The love, pride and joy you had for your granddaughter and great grandson who inherited your great intelligence and aptitude for math which made you so very proud.  Your passion for music, gardening, meticulousness, was passed down to us.  I find myself saying, enjoying and doing things as you did and often compared to you.  For this, I feel you remain alive in me.  


When I walk into your home, I feel very sad and tears often follow.  I miss seeing you in your yard tending to your landscaping or walking in your driveway as you puffed on your pipe and smiling as you saw us drive up your driveway.  Hearing you whistle or sing when you were having a good day and joking or teasing us, hearing your music is no longer reality.  I see the empty kitchen chair you often sat in to play solitaire or have your meals which is now empty.  Your recliner where you sat to watch TV is empty.  Your bed where you had gone to rest and sleep so often is now empty.  Your favourite slippers, walkers, canes, sweaters, CDs, pipes, no longer needed.  Your home, your castle, so full of your memories and belongings that torment us all.  

Seeing mom so sad and depressed, missing you and having to live within the surroundings you both shared is devastating her so much. She misses you dearly and hates being home alone.  She is lost without you, her constant companion of 64 years and childhood sweetheart, provider, decision maker, security and one and only love of her life. Her world as she knew it, has come to an end without you in it.  She no longer feels alive and joyful and has become withdrawn and silent.  The agony, grief and loneliness she feels has consumed her as she dwells in thoughts of your absence.



Papa, I'm so sorry you suffered so much for so long.  I'm so sorry about all the times I disappointed and upset you.  I'm so sorry we did not agree on many things and how differently we saw things.  I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for you more because I had to stay home for the dogs which you so resented.  I did my best to provide you with medical care and all the things you needed to make you more comfortable and aid you with your debilitations and pain.  Being the only child made it hard for me to do it all but I know in my heart that I did my best to help you and mom.  I've shed many tears and felt your burdens in my heart so many times and felt so hopeless in helping to make you better.  Your poor body had gone through so much during your lifetime until it just could not take any more. Your mind was sharp but your body was failing.  I wish that I could have done much more for you but God had other plans.  

My only consolation is that you are no longer suffering and I know that you were ready to enter Heaven in the end.  You could not take the pain any longer and when you decided to give up, the angels took you away from us.  Mom was at your side and holding your hand as she told you to let go and stop suffering.  You even called out to your mother many times before that.  You told me you "saw all of them".  They were waiting for you, papa but we were not ready to let you go.  The agony we feel now will be everlasting until the day we are once again together.


The wonderful times we shared with you will be forever imprinted in our hearts and fondest memories. Thank you for all you have provided us and my promise to you is that it will go on and always be deeply appreciated.  All your hard work will not be lost and will carry us through to the next generations in your honor.  I promise I will look after mom and make sure she is safe, cared for and healthy.  I love you, papa, always and forever. 


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