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Memorial created 05-30-2016 by
Michele Wilson
Antony David Woods
August 18 1975 - May 31 2011

My Son Antony

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Antony Woods, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Antony's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Antony forever.


 My son Antony, others knew him as Ant, Tony, Woodsy and many others. He had a mind of his own.

 35 years were spent getting up to mischief. From the moment he was able to stand at 9 months old was the moment our lives changed; he could never sit still, He was always up to something.

 He spent his life doing the things he loved; riding motor bikes, surfing and fishing and a few other things along the way.

 Antony had no concept of danger; He always had to push that one step further until he found himself in all sorts of scraps;  writing off his cars, stacking his motor bikes getting hit in the head with his surfboard. I think fishing was the only thing he did where he didn’t get into trouble; although I could be wrong about that.

 Antony and I grew up together. This may seem like a strange thing to say, when I am Antony’s mother but in a lot of ways it felt as though the two of us were growing together sharing everything. He didn’t have a father in his life; it was always just the two of us. I was his mum but he treated me like a sister, a friend. He pretty much told me most of the things he got up to; some of the things I really would have preferred not to know. But that was Antony.

 Sometimes I wished I could have locked his bedroom door and never let him out. This is a mother’s instinct no matter how much their child grows. You always want to keep them safe and protect them from themselves and everybody else.

 When we were living in Gourlay St Blackmans Bay Antony had a room at the back. That house was like the half way house for all the kids in Blackers and Kingston to hang out. The music would be cranked, the beer would flow and you couldn’t walk in the room unless you fought your way through a cloud of smoke. This was through his teenage years and I know there are a few of the boys here today that will understand and remember what I am talking about. These boys have maintained a friendship since they were very little to this very day.

 Antony had a fetish with fire. He was only a little tike at the time but I remember being at work one day up on the 5th floor of the Tax Office at 188 Collins st and we could smell this smoke. The fire brigades came blaring up the road and started evacuating the building. I was running late as always and Antony being Antony got impatient so he went and lit all the bushes on the lower ground. He got what he wanted. I quickly whisked him away and went home.

 I’m sure when he did that he wouldn’t have been thinking that one day he himself would be working at Tax.

 I was reading through some of his report cards the other day and they all had a common theme:

 “Antony is a popular boy with an exuberant nature and a sense of humour; genuine talents especially in performing or speaking in public.”

 Strange how that never changed in his adult years; he still clowned around dressing up in costumes for various parties, he just loved a party with his friends. He won the ‘Wild Turkey Induced Cart-Wheel Award.” As I said nothing changed.

 Later in life Antony suffered with a skin problem which brought on depression. He lived the last 15 years of his life having to endure so much pain and many operations.

 It was this condition that finally resulted in the end of his life.

 Because of this condition he always felt alone even though he had so many friends, He just couldn’t get past the feeling of loneliness and the feeling that no-one cared.

 He had so many friends going right back to primary school continuing to be his friend today.

 I know if he is looking down today he would know how wrong he was. But there was no telling Antony. He was so so stubborn. Once he got something in his mind there was no changing it.

 Antony may have been an only child but he had two special brothers. Jason was his cousin but they grew up together as brothers getting into all sorts of trouble and he cared for Jason’s boy Gavin and Maddie who was his little bro.

 Although he would never admit to getting too close to anyone cause he reckoned  it only brought him hurt he and Maddie were two of a kind; peas in a pod.

Maddie – Antony’s last message to you; the next time I see you expect a punch in the nose for going back to Melbourne and then we would go up the shack for a surf, all was forgiven.


 I wish you believed me when I told you that so many people cared about you. When you read the get well card from your team mates a couple of weeks ago, I could see your spirit rise and you were in a happy place.

 I can only hope you are now free of all pain, You are with your Grandfather and your beloved dog Sasha and you have caught up with family and friends who have passed before you.

 I love you my boy

I always have and I always will

I may not have shown it sometimes cause I was always nagging you about your drinking and driving but mum’s nag for a reason and my reason was I didn’t want you to get hurt again.

 I’ll miss you every day for the rest of my life.

 Go in peace Antony, free of all pain.



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